Processing plant

Today, over 80% of the world’s gold is being extracted by cyanorization from its primary sources. However, more advanced and environmentally friendly methods have also been devised, But still this method because of the simplicity of the process and its control And also because of its very low cost compared to other methods. In this method, the environmental pollution caused by cyanide emissions is very important And given the importance of the environment to humans and other creaturesThe use of this method is made by special arrangements.

Considering the special environmental conditions prevailing in the area of ​​activity of Zarkavan Arasbaran Company in Sharafabad Gold Mine Hizeh Jan و Mazrae Shadi  And decisions made by the corporate board Environmental friendly method of flotation And gravity separation to process gold ore at Mazrae Shadi Mine And produce concentrate from it Circuit selection and design are based on these methods. Gold Mine Processing Plant Mazrae Shadi With a daily capacity of 300 tons The following four sections are under construction and are in operation:

 Crushing section

Processing plant crusher unit consisting of two jaw crusher formed by a closed-circuit tremor screen And the ore extracted from the mine is 40 cm below the primary crusher And after crushing under 15 cm using conveyor No. 1 Transferred to shaky screen and after classification + 22mm dimensions transferred to secondary crusher through conveyor belt No. 2 And dimensions below 22 mm through tape No. 3 It enters the feed storage tank with a capacity of 300 tons. Figure 1 shows an image of the jaw crusher used in this plant

Milling unit and material classification

Appropriate feed This section through the feed tank And he entered the primary bullet point using the No. 4 bar And after adjusting for the appropriate solid percentage By adding water Crushed by steel bullets And output with 64 percent below 75 microns And after adjusting the appropriate solid percentage, it is sent to the gravity separation and flotation stage. Early Bullet Asia , Contains pellets with dimensions of 100, 80 and 60 mm And with certain proportions, the crushing process is done through these steel pellets. Due to wear of metal bullets in contact with minerals Sizes of less than 60 mm spontaneously occur inside the mill. The coarse dimensions remaining from the early Asiatic stage into the spiral classifier And coarser dimensions returned to early Asia after spiraling to crush again And this path is repeated consistently.


Flotation unit

A portion of the pulp that is separated by a helical coil It usually contains particles whose gold content is very small And in a way that is less affected by the flow of gravity, To recover the gold contained in the flotation. The pulp first enters the preparation tanks And at this stage through artificial sulfidation And then through the collectors And the right flooring Through the automatic chemical control unit And to a certain extent At specified intervals Added to pulp And the right time for chemicals to work, Provided through these tanks And the pulp is ready to separate the precious particles from the tailings.