Sharafabad-Hizehjan(Mazrae Shadi)gold mine area in the shape of square with a space of 2/56 square kilometers is located 110 kilometers,north of Tabriz,and 30 kilometers west of Varzeghan city.Mineral is considered to be polymentallic with a precedence for a gold.

متن سربرگ خود را وارد کنید

Hypaethral mine

Finding firstly in Sharafabad gold mine-Hizejan (Mazrae Shadi) and discoveries studing  Finally with the participation and investment of China. A mine discovery certificate was transferred to the name of Zarkavan Arasbaran company and a mine operation license was issued in the name of this company in1388. Finally,in the second half of 1396,with the construction of a processing factory downstream of the hypaethral mine,its operations began.  

Under ground mine

As far as the mine development plan and the possibility of continuing the thread towards lower levels,planning was done for complemental exploratory studies with the aim of increasing the definite reserve.By preparing a plan and receiving an exploration license during operation in 1396;implementation of complemental exploration operation began with digging deeper boreholes in this area.In this regard,in order to continue the explorations and exploitation of two horizontal tunnels in the levels of +1870 and +1820 meters,the excavation and the first tunnel in 1400 have reached the exploitation phase.

Under ground mine