Happy chinesse new year

When is the Chinese New Year 2020 Date?

The Chinese New Year comes with the moon, which means that the day of the Chinese New Year is different every year. For example, Chinese New Year 2019 was delivered on February 5. But the date of the Chinese New Year 2020 on January 25, 2020, is 5 February 1398, the 29th of July 1441.

Chinese New Year 2020 begins January 25 and continues until the lantern celebration. Chinese New Year holidays are 16 days, during which time Chinese people travel.

What is the Chinese New Year celebration?

The Chinese New Year is also called the spring celebration. But every year the Chinese also name one animal. According to Chinese astrology, these animals are 12 in number. The Chinese year of 2019 was called the ground pig, but the year 2020 will be the year of the rat.

What are the Chinese New Year customs?

Like New Year’s Eve, when the Iranians pick up the seven sins and clean the house, Chinese New Year also has certain customs. Before the Chinese New Year, people celebrating this year are dusting their homes and putting cleanliness on their agenda. They put their gifts in red envelopes and turn the whole city red with light. They hang the lanterns and prepare for the Chinese New Year.


 On this night families come together and eat together. Dumplings, gelatinous rice, and steamed fish are some of the dishes made for this glorious night.
They say the fish is a symbol of blessing and fortune and that is why both Iranians and Chinese eat fish at New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year celebrations.We should point out the traditional markets that sell orchids this night. Of course, they do not just have flowers, but they have almost everything red for sale, and people are thrilled to see these items, whether they are postcards or postcards.Cities are also decorated and fireworks, dances and dances begin.The dance and dance combine with the dragon dance, and the dragon dolls enter the streets of the city, bringing with it excitement. 
For some people, Chinese astrology is very important and every year they check their own astrology.
This year, mouse year, is a year full of power, happiness, love and wealth, So put anything a mouse likes, like cheese and nuts, and elegance and beauty this year.  

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