19 January Clean Air Day

Naming clean air day: Generally , inorder to draw people׳s aftention to issues related to environmental protection and guaranteeing a healthy life inorder to achieve the goals of stable development ,special symbolic days releted to environmental protection are set;These include Word Environment Day , Clean Earth Day ,clean Air day and so on. Clean air day in the world has been named in different captionssuch as Car free Day pain less day and soon ,indifferent andthis special day has been done to clarificathion the public opinion. In Iran , the air pollution tension in Tehran and six cities,like Tabriz ,Mashhad,arak,esfahan,Shiraz and Ahvaz; inorder to creat sensitivity amang different section of the society , (Autharities of the executive headquars hor reducing air pollution) decided to declare January 20,1374 as the National Clean Air Day.

Air pollution means stopping life

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