Mineralization of Sharafabad area


According to the Geological Survey of the country This area contains 18 mineralized fault zones. The main minerals forming the fault zone include Quartz – Opal – Feldspar – Chalcopyrite – Bornite – Galen – Sphalerite – Gold – Covolite – Azorite – Malachite and secondary and juicy iron oxides.

Gold mineralized vein with a length of 532 meters and a thickness of  1/15  meters to  10/3  meters (Average 6/12 meters) It is drawn from north to south  And at the far end of the vein it curves eastward . Also slope this vein to the east Its angle varies from 53 to 66 degrees.The mineralogical composition of this vein is based on studies Pyrite – rutile – chalcopyrite – boronite – sphalerite – galena – gold – covolt – chalcocite – malachite and limonite.

The host rock of the mineral vein is composed of trachy andesite to andesite. The lava is exposed to light to dark and Most porphyry tissue, to a lesser extent autoclastic, rarely presents fine crystalline tissue Most of these rocks have been altered by thermal alteration The severity of which is a function of the ruptures in the strings And you can get close and close access to the Silica Ridge and at the same time. The major alteration process is the type of thermolith – actinolite and chlorite.  The dominant mineralogy in the host rocks is plagioclase – pyroxene and amphibole.